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Should I write this blog in 2 languages

I was wondering if I should write this blog in english and in french.
I don’t have much views here but, I was wondering if people would be more interested if I allowed more people to understand what i’m writing here.

Well of course I can not translate everything, I think that the Burning Souls Story will remain in french. Maybe later. But my english is really really not perfect!!!

I don’t really know why people are not interested in my storys/pictures. I know that they’re not the prettiest or the most original out there but I think it’s not to bad. Even my « so called friends » don’t even bother to come and check my pictures. Nor here, nor on my flickr.

I made little visit cards to give out on the LDoll festival. I hope that people who doesn’t know about this blog will come and see what I’m made of ^-^ Maybe some banners exchange too!

You may think that’s it’s because I don’t post often, I promise that if I get more viewers, I’ll post more dolls/storys and everything.

But stop complaining!!! I’m not really a drama queen!! I’m just sad sometimes that my work/dolls doesn’t attract people. No comments, no fave, etc. Sometimes it’s depressing.

hum …… I’m hopeless.

So if I get some non-french speaking people to come here! Don’t be afraid to comment if you like my pictures, dolls or everything! My blog may be in french but I speak english, and if I see that there are non speaking viewers, I’ll write this blog in 2 languages ^-^


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